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The RSA Organisation

RSA members belong to a nationwide voluntary welfare organisation committed to a rich tradition of comradeship and community service. We honour our veteran and ex-service members, which we respectively call Returned and Service members, but we welcome all Kiwis, born or recently landed, to join us. Why not join your local RSA community today?

The RSA has been at the heart of communities across New Zealand for nearly 100 years. The RSA clubs were formed as a result of war – to support servicemen and women and their families. Our commitment? To promise to protect and foster the spirit of Anzac.

Today over 120,000 members throughout New Zealand share a common commitment to the Crown, the Nation and the Community; dedicated to the RSA motto – ‘People Helping People’.

RSA commitment to welfare is embodied in Poppy Day when red poppies are exchanged for donations to hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders to raise funds for veterans’ welfare and to honour the memory of those who have given their lives in times of war.

Poppy Day is usually observed each year on the 25th April. RSA’s throughout New Zealand take part in wreath-laying ceremonies of remembrance for fallen comrades.

RSA people rally to help fellow New Zealanders in need and war veterans in particular. RSA help is available at local and national level to eligible war veterans and their families, RSA Members and non-members and to the wider New Zealand community.

The new RSA ‘heart’ logo symbolises the ambition to be at the heart of local communities – as a community hub that plays an active part in growing the Anzac spirit across generations.

The heart, together with the new more contemporary RSA type and modernized crown, completes the full RSA logo – which is inspired by a military medal to honour our history.